Who we are.

Abundant Life Church

Established in 2001

Beginning in the mid 90’s a vision formed among several Pastors and leaders, to plant a Church in Northeast Columbia on Clemson Road. They got the ball rolling, and God supplied the increase.

In 2001 a group of people began to meet at Polo Road Recreation Center under the leadership of Pastor Allan Pullen. They experienced growth and the movement of the Holy Spirit. By 2005 they need a new place to grow and expand. We began to build at our current location, and the rest is history.

In 2011 Pastor Joshua and his family began leading Abundant Life as the Pastoral Family. There have been many challenges, and God has been victorious over every one! In October of 2015 the 1,000 year rain event caused the Church to flood. Repairs were going to cost more than our yearly income so we began to pray and trust in God, and God answered in a mighty way providing financially, physically, and workers from all over the country. Beginning in 2020 every Church experienced the difficulty of covid lockdowns and the devastating impact to all organizations, but God blessed and provided in ways we didn’t expect. So much so that in 2023 when we were grappling with our mortgage, we sought the Lord for help. In His direction we began to raise funds to pay off the mortgage. God provided and we will have the mortgage paid off by May of 2024, ten years early to the day. Truly God is Good!

Our Mission


Come to new and everlasting life made possible only by the love and free gift of Christ. Seek God’s forgiveness and allow Him to chart a new course for your future.


Come together with other believers and be discipled in your new faith. Deepen your faith and your roots through reading the word, seeking God in prayer, and Christian fellowship.


There is only one law of God on which all others depend, the Law of Love. Love God with all that you are, and Love everyone else as God loves us. A life of Christian service begins with Love.

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